With us, any photo or video can be evidence of anything and be independently verifiable. 

Trumania - content verification app

The Trumania App is used to take photos and videos with built-in stamps containing a unique ID, date, time, and location. When you click “save”, Trumania uploads your media file directly from your camera to our secure servers – with no chance of it being edited

No more manipulation – see-through edits, Deepfakes, and photoshopped images.

* Your media can be private or public.


We record the Date - Time - Location of the shooting and save this info for you.

It can not be faked!

We assign any file a unique ID number for it's verification on our platform.

Trumania.net mobile app

How it works

Trumania is a leading photo and video verification platform.

Our job is to help restore trust in visual media and reduce the time it takes to verify something because now you can do it remotely.


Single platform for all


 Insurance carriers 


 Real Estate industry 


 Your eBay sales 




 Dating services 


 Citizen Journalists 






- assessment
- onboarding
- event registration

- sales/sharing/renting
- deliveries
- ... anything to fight against disinformation ...

How Trumania works in three simple steps

Take a photo or video
and save it.

This is evidence now.


The photo is stamped with a unique ID number, date time and location of the shooting. The original photo/video is uploaded to our server in your account.

The app does not allow for edits, and you will appreciate its clarity.

Create albums


Manage your files as you wish. Send them via

messengers or share in social networks. 

Business and private.

Use these photos to prove anything.


Your client or insurance company can verify the authenticity of the photo and will be 100 % sure that there is no tampering.

Anyone can verify the photo

Use a unique ID to verify the authenticity of a photo or video hosted on the Trumania servers, just search in the app or on our website.


Your files can be private

or public

Public mode

Your media name, descriptions, and search tags will be accessible in public galleries on our project's website www.trumania.com.

Hidden mode

All the above applies, but your media is unable to be found unless someone has the Unique ID. This is a great option if you want to keep files for your own private records or for a company. You can also remove the option to search for your photos with an ID at all – achieving true privacy.




$ 0.03
Per 1 photo
per 1 month
$ 0.01
Per 1 second
per 1 month
$ 0.06
Per 1 photo
per 1 month
$ 0.02
No other hidden fees. Use it for personal use and for business.
Per 1 second
per 1 month

Trumania for Business 


  • Verify Logistic or Insurance processes

  • Single Process or Sequence of Processes Tracking with Time Intervals

  • Confirm Delivery / Dispatch

  • Employee Checkup (presence at workplace or during any specific processes)

  • Monitor Remote work

  • Check Unitary and Documentary processes

  • Routine Maintenance

  • And much more, depending on the structure and services of your company


  • Control of the Production Unit

  • General Monitoring / Detail Management

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Daily Surveillance (Morning, evening, or every hour)

  • Tracking of Repairs and Project Completion

  • Insurance of Employee Compliance with standards

  • Work from Home Monitoring or On-Site Inspections

  • Verification of Delivery Supplies (construction, for example)

  • Document Verification

  • Quality Control


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