Virtual control of your company's physical processes with 100 % confidence

Trumania serves as a photo/video verification platform for all your internal processes, team performance, control, and verification of the work performed by numerous contractors and subcontractors.

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Proof of work. Evidence of workflow. Trumania App.

Be sure that the work is done in the right quality, on the right day, time, location.

Construction monitoring. Performance control. Trumania

Monitor all company processes

With Trumania, you will be able to monitor the work of your team or contractors, verify the work done and be sure that it is done with the right level of quality and at the right time.

Convenient verification system

Each employee's account is connected to your verification system. The system will remind them to take a photo or video, will upload it to the cloud storage and notify the general manager that the report has been received.

CRM process verification with Trumania
Monitoring of construction processes

Every detail is important

Employees will know how to verify the work so that you can see the full result. No matter what the job is, everything can be logged.

Control the supply of materials

Control the delivery of materials with Trumania with a record of the date, time, location, and quantity of materials delivered.

Delivered supplies quantity calculator - Trumania


How Trumania works in three simple steps

Take a photo or video and save it

Distribute photos and videos to albums

Verification is available instantly

Trumania app to monitor construction process
Trumania app to monitor construction process 2
Timestamped photos and videos

The photo is stamped with a unique ID number, date time and location of the shooting. The original photo / video is uploaded to our server in your account.

The app does not allow for edits, and you will appreciate its clarity

All media will be stored in one album and available for verification.

In your company's personal account or in your CRM, the head of the company or the head of the department can be aware of all the work performed and their quality, and will also be 100% sure that no editing was applied.

Timestamp for photos

Trumania is an evidence of anything

The Trumania App is used to take photos and videos with built-in stamps containing a unique ID, date, time, and location. When you click “save”, Trumania uploads your media file directly to secure servers – with no chance of it being edited. 

Download Trumania App on the Appstore
Download Trumania App in Play Market (Google)

Anyone can verify the photo

Use a unique ID to verify the authenticity of a photo or video hosted on the Trumania servers, just search in the app or our website. We can also connect to your CRM.

Photo verification with Trumania App
On-site inspections for construction companies

With Trumania inspections have gone from days to minutes

Joseph Halfmann

Trumania is online and ready to be used. Right now. Download and install Trumania now. 

Download Trumania App on the Appstore
Download Trumania App in Play Market (Google)