TRUMANIA is for Business and personal use

Everyone can make use of this app in their daily lives, even if they don’t even realize it.


Small Business, instagram shops...

All too often products that are ordered online arrive looking nothing like advertised. Trumania can rectify this – with customers uploading their own videos and photos of unboxed products, unedited. Encouraging your customers to do this will boost trust in your business.

eBay/classifieds sales

Take a photo of your product before you sell it – especially if it’s used. Use the Trumania app to verify that the product is as advertised, including any shipping material, and you can avoid any claims of non-compliance or tampering.



Trumania is designed to work for both buyers and sellers – bridging the gap between customer expectations and reality. Prospective buyers can verify images and product quality, which enables businesses producing high quality goods to prove their claims through candid images and videos. Buyers and clients can also request images through Trumania to verify that products are as advertised.

Insurance companies

Verification of the insured property, autos, tourists for faster on-boarding. Verification of insurance events by customers.

Date, time, location, and authenticity are all provided by the stamps utilized in Trumania.

Quick deals / startups & founders

Make quick deals and record their terms on video if you want to have verification of any claims or verbal agreements made.

Insurance events

Capture photos and videos of insurance events and use the Trumania timestamp as validation.
This is where the date, time and location are important.

Child Monitoring

Working parents often have no choice but to leave their child at home with a nanny or babysitter. With Trumania, you can check on your child remotely.


If you’re participating in online training, competitions, or any task where date and time are critical, use Trumania.

Construction companies

Use Trumania to verify and control all processes ranging from delivery of materials to construction sites, to completion of work, and even checking on employees or conducting inspection.

Art Market

Selling paintings and other valuable art pieces is typically done using a photo with a newspaper to verify the date, time, and location. Trumania makes this step much easier, with a verifiable timestamp that guarantees authenticity.


Trumania is essential for lawyers, enabling them to record documentation or statements complete with a timestamp. Always have the Trumania app installed, just in case you need it.

Advertising offline

For an advertising agency, photos taken with Trumania will allow you to keep track of BTL promotions, perform quality checks, and maintain other essential records.


You can use the Trumania app to record sports activities, with the timestamp making it easy to keep track of various game or competition footage.

Dating websites & social media

Anyone can claim to be anyone on social media, and it’s hard to verify the authenticity of those claims. Trumania makes it easier by allowing you to request someone take a photo or video with the app that you can then verify for authenticity. Since the media will be uploaded directly to Trumania, there’s no possibility of edits or added on filters.

Sport events

Record your sports achievements, competitions, and challenges – especially if the date and time are critical for your own records.


If your charity is met with skeptics of how donations will be spent, you can use Trumania to take photos and videos of charity events and eliminate sponsor doubts on how money is being used.

Logistics and deliveries

Use Trumania when proof of delivery is required, or when a package is left at your door. You can also use it for verification of the contents in the package; if you use Trumania to create an unpacking video you can prove that a product arrived damaged and use that evidence to lodge a complaint.

This is especially valuable for cargo insurance.

Government agencies

Control of purchases, fixing violations in tenders, monitoring the performance of work on public procurement.

For owners, Agencies, and private blockers, take photos of properties for sale, rental, and insurance before and in case of insurance event..

Quick deals / startups / co-founders

If your business is still in the early phases and you need to make a quick deal, you can use Trumania to record the verbal terms of the deal as insurance.


Trumania can be used to check the validity of medical prescriptions and verifies the credibility and relevancy of research data with its timestamp.

Press & Media

Use Trumania to verify sources and fact-check any media content. The Trumania app can prove that pictures and videos used are credible, legitimate, and can even be checked by others using the app at their own discretion.

Stay at Home, Work Safe

Both employers and employees can use Trumania to remotely verify work and product quality, enabling both parties to work safely even while under quarantine.  

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