The Science of Visual Merchandising.

Trust, but verify.

With Trumania you can control your merchandisers and increase sales revenue by 3X.

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Merchandiser control mobile app Trumania

Get back to growth with Trumania inspection feature.


Monitoring the location of Merchandisers & the 

Reality Check.

Photos/videos taken with our app are not possible to falsify.

Up-to-date reports without the possibility of falsification.

We register photos/videos immediately at the time of the shooting - all metadata is recorded - the stamp on the photo contains the date, time, and location of the shooting.

Merchandiser control app Trumania
Sales representative and Merchandiser control app Trumania

Inspect What You Expect.

If you are asking your sales representatives to perform certain tasks, whatever they might be, and you are assigning a value to those tasks, no matter how modest, you must somehow verify that the results are accurate, truthful, and have been made in due date, time and shop.

Virtual inspections - audit the outcome.

You, as a curator, control everything that is possible. Including the result of your work. Trumania is an ideal tool for monitoring the display of goods, the availability of inventory in the store, verification of violations of the storage method, etc.

Merchandiser control mobile application

How Trumania works in three simple steps

Take a photo or video and save it

Merchandiser Trumania app - proof of btl

The photo is stamped with a unique ID number, date time and location of the shooting. The original photo / video is uploaded to our server in your account.

The app does not allow for edits, and you will appreciate its clarity

Create a photo or video album for each point of sales

The supervisor  can verify each point of sale

merchandising Trumania app - proof of work
Proof of work with Merchandisers

All media will be stored in one album and available for verification.

The supervisor receives push notifications and can verify all photos and videos taken at each point of sale.


Trumania is an evidence of anything

Download Trumania App on the Appstore
Download Trumania App in Play Market (Google)

The Trumania App is used to take photos and videos with built-in stamps containing a unique ID, date, time, and location. When you click “save”, Trumania uploads your media file directly to secure servers – with no chance of it being edited. 


Verification of the work and location of our sales representatives and merchandisers is now guaranteed.

Eliott Mass

Trumania is online and ready to be used. Right now. Download and install Trumania now. 

Download Trumania App on the Appstore
Download Trumania App in Play Market (Google)